Toyota Creates Solid-State Battery Prototype to Optimize EVs’ Performance

The global race for the development of a perfect new Electric Vehicle (EV) continues as each automaker strives to create a more sustainable technology to extract the best performance from EVs. A report recently revealed that Toyota has created a radical solid-state prototype battery that can enhance the performance of EVs to optimum efficiency.


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Reportedly, the solid-state battery can provide more than 480 km of range, be charge in about ten minutes, requires no bulky heating and cooling systems, maintains 80 percent of its charge capacity for 800 cycles (more than 385,000 km), and does not self combust without warning.

Toyota has announced that a production-ready prototype of the battery will be available next week.


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Battery charging periods, limited ranges, reliability concerns, fire hazards, and a few other issues have deterred people from buying EVs in the international market for a long time. With the proposition of fast charging capability, better performance, more range, and more reliability, the EVs will finally render internal combustion engine-powered cars obsolete.

Toyota is not alone in this race as the report suggests that other big European, Japanese, American, Chinese, and Korean automakers are also trying to perfect their formulas for solid-state batteries.

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