FBR Notifies 0.8 Million Non-Filers to File Their Taxes

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has issued notices to over 800,000 persons, who had failed to file their income tax returns by the deadline of December 8 for the tax year 2020.


FBR to Slap Massive Fines on Late Filers

Top FBR officials told ProPakistani that notices have been issued to the non-filers of returns through the electronic system of the FBR. Most of the persons are those who had filed their returns in the last fiscal year but failed to file due returns during the current financial year.

By Dec 16, the FBR has received 1.882 million tax returns for tax year 2020. Over 300,000 taxpayers have sought an extension in the filing of the date before December 8, 2020. They have granted 15 days extension in the filing of returns.

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