Karachi to Witness One of Its Coldest Days in the Next 24 Hours

Karachi will have dry weather with strong, cold winds during the next twenty-four hours, the Pakistan Meteorological Department said on Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, the lowest temperature recorded in the port city was 11 degrees Celsius with 59 percent humidity.


PMC Announces MDCAT 2020 Results and Checking Criteria

“As winter is setting in, the mercury is expected to drop even further in the metropolis,” the weather department said, explaining that the snow and cold in Quetta will affect Karachi’s weather.

It also noted that northeast winds are blowing at a speed of 18 kilometers per hour.


PMC Announces MDCAT 2020 Results and Checking Criteria

Multiple cities in Balochistan have been experiencing extremely cold weather since the start of December.

Quetta froze on Tuesday after the temperature fell to -9 degrees Celsius. Kalat recorded -11 degrees Celsius, Sibi recorded 6 degrees Celsius, and Turbat and Gwadar experienced 9 degrees Celsius weather on Tuesday.

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