Female SHO Arrests Robbers After Befriending Them

A female SHO successfully arrested an alleged robber and a co-conspirator after engaging one of them in a ‘game of hearts’. Although it was risky and could’ve put the brave lady in harm’s way, the plan worked out, and the culprits were successfully apprehended.


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As per reports, the station house officer (SHO), Ms. Sharafat Khan, came across the contact number of one of the alleged criminals who robbed a citizen’s house two weeks ago. After successfully tracing the number, the lady police officer engaged the alleged robber and befriended him. Within no time, Ms. Sharafat Khan convinced the alleged robber to meet at an undisclosed location, somewhere within a public locality.

Ms. Sharafat went to the meeting location along with a team of policemen and arrested the criminal after he arrived at the planned location.


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According to a police report, the local authorities raided the criminal’s place of stay and recovered cash, jewelry, and a Mobile phone. Later, the accomplice was also apprehended after the robber identified him.

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