Google Maps Gets a Handy Feature for Distraction Free Driving

Android Auto can be found in a number of modern cars these days to help you find your way on the road. It has been a standalone app for a while now, but Google is now adding something similar to Google Maps as well, which would make for a solid alternative.

The search engine giant is adding an assistant driving mode to Google Maps which is almost like Android Auto fused into Google Maps. It will introduce an add-on bar at the bottom of the navigation window and there will also be a shortcut for the assistant in the bottom left corner.

This lets you seamlessly control your phone through Google Assistant and provide a distraction-free navigation experience when you start driving. You get a super-simplified music control panel and you can also make calls and send messages easily without leaving Google Maps.

This mode will automatically disappear once you start navigation and it can also turn on Do Not Disturb mode for the road. You can still receive messages and reply to them with voice and phone calls will not take up the entire screen.

The feature is rolling out to the US first but should arrive in other regions soon.

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