Pakistani PUBG Players Team Up With Indian Player for eSports Tournament

Battle Royale sensation PUBG Mobile was banned in India this year following a diplomatic row with China. Unsurprisingly, the news came as a disappointment to many and several competitive players were left with no hope.

18-year-old Zeyan Shafiq who hails from Indian occupied Kashmir was one of the many gamers who were left with no players on their PUBG eSports team. Regardless, he managed to get a slot for his team in the PUBG world league but he was not allowed to pick Indian players. This resulted in one of the most unexpected turns of events.

He reached across the border to Pakistan to form an alliance between Indian and Pakistani gamers, despite Kashmir being one of the most dangerous regions in the world. Shafiq said:

Of course we had lot of things in the mind when we made this move including a possibility of backlash. But by God’s grace everything went well and people supported us on both sides. They understood that this is eSports and there is no partiality between these two countries.

He reached out to a Pakistani team that played in the PUBG world league last year and they agreed to collaborate. Shafiq and his team of Pakistani players will now be participating in the global tournament in hopes to win the $2 million grand prize.

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