Twitter is Reverting Retweets Back to The Old Format

Twitter is changing retweets back to the way they used to be starting this week. Following this update, Twitter will no longer automatically show the quote tweet option when you try to retweet something.

It implemented this change to retweets back in October ahead of the 2020 US presidential elections. This change was made to encourage people to tweet and share information more thoughtfully.

The social network giant now notes that the feature did not turn out as intended. Even though the company noted an increase in quoted tweets, but nearly 45% of them were only one-word retweets and 70% had less than 25 characters. The overall amount of retweets decreased while the automatic quote prompt was in place.

Additionally, while this change was in place, you could also leave the quote prompt completely blank, and hitting the retweet button would share the tweet to your followers with no context. This was one of the few reasons why the new retweet update did not go as intended and Twitter is now rolling it back.

Users should start seeing this change right away this week on the website as well as Smartphone apps.

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