Zoom is Lifting The 40-minute Meeting Limit Again

The famous video-conferencing application Zoom has a 40-minute meeting limit on conference calls (with three or more members) made from free accounts. However, in the spirit of upcoming holidays and the new year, it will be lifting the limit for free accounts globally. Zoom users will be able to make unlimitedly long conference calls on the following dates:

  • December 17th to December 19th
  • December 23rd to December 26th
  • December 30th to January 2nd

These dates have been decided based on Jewish festival Hanukkah, Christian festival Christmas, and African festival Kwanzaa. The platform also lifted this limit last month in the wake of the American Holiday Thanksgiving.

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Typically, if free account users want to conduct longer Zoom conference meetings, they have to go through the hassle of starting another meeting and getting everyone to join again. This also includes letting everyone into the meeting again.

According to Zoom, due to the ongoing global pandemic, many people around the world are not able to spend the holidays with their families. Hence, to help them spend time with family on holidays, Zoom decided to lift the limit. This way, they can be less focused on the clock and more on catching up with loved ones.

In other news, Google meets is also letting free users host calls that last for up to 24 hours through March 31st, 2021.

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