The Telegraph Admits to Publishing Incorrect Article Which Led to Islamophobia

The London-based British daily newspaper, The Telegraph has admitted that one of its articles from June this year had misled its audience into believing that Pakistan was responsible for half of the UK’s imported COVID-19 cases till that point in the pandemic.

On 26 June, the British tabloid published an article titled “Pakistan … the origin of half of Britain’s imported virus cases.” The article had declared Pakistan as a ‘high risk’ country and called on the UK government to ensure strict measures for travelers coming from Pakistan.


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However, The Telegraph has publicly acknowledged that the June article was based on the data from 4 to 26 June that was issued by Public Health England (PHE).

Now, the British daily has amended the article and it has been retitled as “Half of UK’s imported COVID-19 infections in June are from Pakistan.”

The article also includes a correction note which reads as:

This article is based on PHE data relating to individuals who have traveled to the UK from Pakistan between June 4 and the article’s publication date [26 June]: it does not cover the entire period of the pandemic, as readers may have inferred from its original headline and text wording, now amended.

Taking to Twitter, The Telegraph has also attached an ISPO ruling with the June article. The ISPO ruling requires editors to promptly correct a previously inaccurate and misleading statement and issue a public apology.


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Note that, in July, it came to light that the officials at the government-funded PHE had colluded with The Telegraph and deliberately released the details of travelers coming from Pakistan only.

It was also reported that the publication of the article by The Telegraph resulted in an increase in racist and Islamophobic attacks against Pakistani Muslims across the UK.

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