PS5 Was The Worst PlayStation Launch in Japan

The launch of the PlayStation 5 has been successful everywhere across the globe, except in Sony’s home market Japan. This marks the worst console launch for Sony in Japan with not even half as much as PS4 units sold in the region.

Sony managed to sell only 240,000 units in Japan in the first six weeks, which is less than any other console (excluding the PSP) Sony has launched from the first PlayStation all the way to the PS4.

It is a known fact that the supply for PS5 units is constrained everywhere, but the company had enough units to make the launch a success everywhere else in the world. This means that either the Japanese gaming market is no longer interested or Sony is not providing enough units in the country.

Research analyst Hideki Yasuda claims there is evidence that Sony does not value its home market much anymore and this will lead to a further decline in the future for all of its products. This speculation has been going on in the Japanese market ever since Sony shifted its focus once Jim Ryan took over as the company’s president and shifted the head offices to the US.

Ryan continues to claim that Japan is really important to Sony, but it is hard to ignore the obvious lack of interest by the company.

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