PMTA Estimates Rs. 1.9 Billion Electricity Bill for Orange Line Metro Train


The Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMTA) has reportedly estimated that the annual electricity bills of the Orange Line Metro Train Project will be worth Rs. 1.9 billion. This estimate was made on the basis of the Rs. 80 million electricity bill that it had received last year, as per reports.


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The PTMA maintains that the said monthly amount will most likely increase in the summer months. With this emphasis, PTMA has alerted the government to implement a plan to save electricity during the summer.

A media report added that the trains alone use 750 volts of energy that is provided via a central iron line called the third rail. The third rail spans the entirety of both the tracks from Dera Gujran to Ali Town and vice versa.


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The other associated equipment consumes 500 volts of DC power, and these figures imply that the entire system requires 750 volt DC power to operate via an uninterrupted supply of a total of 74MW through two grid stations. one near UET (GT Road) and another near Shahnoor Stop (Multan Road).

The report also mentioned that the PMTA is also working on an energy-saving plan whereby a special task force will be formed to prevent the waste of electricity.

“The authority will try to reduce the annual energy cost to Rs. 1.5 billion or so,” an official told the media.

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