Here Are Three Free Apps You Can Use to Replace WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become the talk of the town for the wrong reasons ever since it updated its privacy policy and terms of service. The new privacy policy details how much data WhatsApp collects on its users and shares it with Facebook, its other services, and third parties.

The new privacy policy makes it mandatory for everyone to accept it if they want to continue using WhatsApp after February. This means sharing all your personal information has become mandatory as well.

This has left millions around the world looking for alternative messaging apps to replace WhatsApp with, so here are three reliable ones you can safely use instead of WhatsApp.


Messaging Apps & Brands: Telegram Messenger | MessengerPeople

Telegram received more than 2.2 million downloads ever since WhatsApp announced its new policy. This is because Telegram feels a lot like WhatsApp in terms of features and the messaging experience, but with actual end to end encryption on calls as well as messages. Though users have to turn that on manually.

Telegram is available on the Google Play Store as well as the iOS App Store.


Signal, the Cypherpunk App of Choice, Adds Disappearing Messages | WIRED

Signal is also a great alternative to WhatsApp with end to end encryption. It has everything you need in a messaging app including texts, voice messages, audio calls, video calls, group chats, and more. There are auto-deleting messages, secret chats, disappearing messages, and more privacy features as well.

Signal is available on Android as well as iOS.


Threema is more of a work-oriented app but a highly secure one nonetheless. It ensures complete privacy while keeping contact lists and group information stored on the phone instead of the app. People connect with each other using an 8 digit Threema ID instead of their phone numbers. It offers a fully functional end to end encryption just like the rest of the apps.

Threema Work is free and available for everyone on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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