Shoaib Malik Reveals Why He’s the Fittest Player in Pakistan

The 38-year old veteran all-rounder, Shoaib Malik, is still one of the fittest players in Pakistan and is regarded as one of the finest fielders in the country. With fitness being one of the most important aspects of the game these days, Shoaib Malik is one of the few Pakistani players who has adapted to the needs of the modern game.


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Malik appeared at the highly anticipated PSL 6 draft last night, where he revealed the secret to his fitness. Malik shared that he does not eat any junk food and properly maintains his diet. He further stated that he likes to eat chicken biryani but does not eat it regularly.

Malik said that he eats biryani after a couple of weeks but takes special care of his diet. Malik said that his favorite dish is to have biryani with kebab and tamarind sauce (imli ki chutney).

Shoaib Malik’s routine and dietary habits help him maintain peak fitness levels, and it has enabled him to play cricket at the highest level for over 20 years.


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Pakistan’s fielding issues in the recently concluded series against New Zealand were evident as they dropped a number of catches leading to an embarrassing series defeat. The cricketing fraternity has called out the Pakistan team management on their failure to improve the fielding of the team and the fitness of the players.

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