Sony’s New Airpeak Drone Enables Crisp Aerial Photography

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are basically drones that have gained a lot of traction in the past few years thanks to YouTubers and movie makers. Sony’s latest offering – the Airpeak Drone – seeks to inspire vision and creativity among digital content producers and enthusiasts.


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The Airpeak Drone is the industry’s smallest class of standard UAVs that is capable of supporting an Alpha Mirrorless Camera module. To aptly support creators, the payload of the Airpeak can easily house the Alpha Mirrorless Camera, which is capable of shooting DSLR quality images and videos.

This level of technical integration, coupled with a makeshift exterior that is ideal for drones, enables creators to capture high-quality, full-frame aerial photography and videos.

The Chairman, President, and CEO of Sony Corp, Kenichiro Yoshida, was full of praise for his company’s latest UAV product.

Airpeak enables video creators to explore new frontiers for visual expression. With Sony’s Alpha camera, stable dynamic remote shooting is possible. Creators have unlimited potential to capture stunning images from above. Airpeak transforms the skies into an infinite creative playground.


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Hailed as the industry’s smallest device to house an Alpha system equipment, the Airpeak is best suited for dynamic filming with stable flight as it aims to contribute to the world of entertainment which is still young and lacks creative expression.

Sony is yet to comment on the drone’s price tag although the device had made headlines following an official unveiling at the virtual CES 2021. The price is expected to be unveiled within the following months, and we will keep you posted on it.

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