Here’s How Much Punjab Govt Will Save by Shifting to Solar Energy

The government of Punjab is planning to replace electricity connections in public offices with solar energy to save Rs. 36 billion in federal payments on an annual basis.

Speaking at an inauguration ceremony of the Electricity Saving Programme at Lahore General Hospital (LGH), Punjab’s energy minister, Dr. Muhammad Akhtar Malik, revealed that more than 95,000 official electricity connections are currently functional.

He concurred with the government’s viewpoint on generating regular cutbacks on electricity bills by replacing old fans and lights with modern energy-saving devices.


Islamia University of Bahawalpur to Shift to Solar Energy

Speaking at the inaugural, Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI), Dr. Al-Fareed Zafar, briefed the energy minister that most of the electric equipment in the healthcare facility was replaced with energy-efficient material.

He highlighted,

It would save 700 units per hour and Rs110 million per annum in electricity bills. The saved amount would be spent on the treatment of patients at the hospital.

The PGMI Chief expressed his will to improve practices at LGH per global standards. He suggested that the switch to a green energy source was one of the many steps undertaken to help rank LGH among some of the top institutes in the world.

He also appealed to the energy minister to help expand the area reserved for the hospital.

Responding to the principal’s request, Dr. Akhtar assured that the Federal Government would do what it can with the available resources.

He further added that he would address the land provision issue for Ameeruddin Medical College and other medical and residential units before a Federal Cabinet meeting. He also stated that the government will install a solar energy system at LGH to reduce excessive payments in utility bills.


Model Bazaars to Replace Sahulat Bazaars Across Punjab

The energy minister later appreciated the role of all healthcare facilities for keeping the COVID-19 spread under wraps.

He acknowledged the tireless commitment of all frontline healthcare workers and encouraged them to remain ever-vigilant in the event all schools and colleges resume regular classes.

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