PIA Once Had Poultry Business, and They Have Finally Decided to Sell It

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) had a poultry business, believe it or not, which they are planning to sell now.

As a matter of fact, it was PIA that introduced large scale poultry growing in the country, back in 1960.

The company has issued a tender notice showing its intent to auction poultry sheds, related equipment, and scrap.

According to PIA Spokesman Abdullah Hafeez Khan, this auction is selling off old items. He said, “I believe it might be looking odd because you might not be aware of the fact that poultry business was started in Pakistan by PIA”.

He said that the the brand name of the business was ‘PIA Shavers’ and the poultry business is the reason why it was named as such.

Digging deeper, the story stands true. It was the start of the 1960s when the Government of Pakistan felt the need for an intensive Poultry rearing program by keeping in view the increased demand for white meat due to heavy growth in our population.

In 1962, when Commercial Poultry was initially introduced in Pakistan by M/S Shaver’s of Canada with the help of PIA and that led to the formation of the PIA Shaver with the poultry sector.

In its embryonic stages became blue-eyed to the government officials and the rearing or any kind of business relating to poultry was announced to be Tax exempted. The first hatchery was then established in Karachi.

Via: History of PIA


“Our government supported the poultry industry in all aspects that helped the industry to develop rapidly,” tells the website of the Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA).

In order to prepare in-flight meals for passengers with fresh eggs and chicken meat, PIA had decided to establish its own poultry farm in collaboration with Shaver Poultry Breeding Farms Ltd. of Canada. The partnership between the two organizations led to the formation of PIA-Shaver Poultry Breeding Farms Ltd. in Karachi, in 1964.

PIA-Shaver was Pakistan’s first modern scientific poultry farm and introduced commercial poultry production in the country. PIA-Shaver new breeds of PIA-Shaver Starcross layers and PIA-Shaver Starbro broilers quickly gained popularity in different parts of the country.

The products of PIA-Shaver not only met the airline’s flight kitchen requirements but also fulfilled the requirements of other airline’s in-flight meals and local market demand for poultry farm eggs and chicken meat.

Later a branch of PIA-Shaver Poultry Breeding Farms was established in Lahore also. Around the year 2006, PIA decided to wind up PIA-Shaver Poultry Breeding Farms business which had been shut down in 1993-94.


Via: History of PIA

However, now PIA has decided to wash its hands off this poultry business with a tender detailing the items that are up for the auction. These items are located at Damtor, Abbottabad, and are up for auction, on “As Is Where Is Basis”, with the following details.

  • 07 RCC Poultry Sheds
  • Cylinders Lot (12 small and 19 Large)
  • Misc. Equipment Lot: 01 Welding Plant, 01 Air Pump, 01 Packing Machine, 01 Spray Pump, 01 Drill Machine, 01 water motor, 01 Geyser
  • And Electrical Items Lot: 02 Air Conditioners, 140 Ceiling Fan, 10 Wall Mounted Fans, 50 meter Wire, 03 Main Switch, 50 Tube Lights, 2 Batteries, 5 Heater (small), and 24 Heater (large).
  • Some miscellaneous items also included in the auction tender under ‘Mics Items Lots’ include: Shaver Feeders 2000, 60 cartons of Egg Trays, and 3 Trolleys.

For inspection of above mentioned Lots, PIA has asked interested parties to submit a written application to Manager SCM, PIA Supply Chain Management department, Islamabad along with two copies of CNIC and a pay order amounting Rs. 5,000 per person (non-refundable) in the name of PIA as Auction Entry Fee.

Inspection of Auction Lots will be carried out from January 1, 2021, till January 21, 2021, from 10 a.m to 2 p.m.

Open Public Auction will be held at Damtor, Abbottabad, on January 27, 2021, at 11 a.m.

PIA will be at liberty to annul the auction process at any time if the auction bid does not meet the pre-determined Reserved Price, the tender notice said.

All the bidding parties must submit earnest money of Rs. 1 million for poultry sheds, Rs. 100,000 each for cylinders lot and other three lots, in the shape of Pay Order in favor of Pakistan International Airlines.

This money will be refundable to unsuccessful bidders.

The successful bidder(s) will be required to deposit an amount equivalent to 25 percent of the total bid value within two working days and the remaining 75 percent within five working days after the auction. Otherwise, PIA reserves the right to forfeit earnest money (25 percent) deposited amount, the tender said.

After approval, successful bidder(s) will be required to remove the auctioned material within 1.5 months (45 days) time. In case there is a delay, then after a lapse of 45 days Rs. 5,000 per day will be charged as warehouse charges, and this concession will only be for the next 30 days.

In case, successful bidder(s) fails to remove the auctioned items/debris even after elapse of allowed 30 days, PIA Management reserves the right to forfeit the earnest money and total amount deposited with PIA.

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