Razer’s Gaming Chair Concept Hides a 60-Inch OLED Screen

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Razer, the Singaporean–American company known for its gaming hardware, announced a couple of concept devices at the ongoing CES 2021. One of them was dubbed Project Brooklyn, a concept gaming chair with built-in collapsible tables and a rollable OLED display.

According to the company, the chair is everything an avid gamer would need. On top of following the Chroma RGB lighting tradition, the chair is equipped with HyperSense vibration feedback, a hidden 60-inch rollable display, tables for mouse and keyboard, and a comfortable seat. The screen is hidden in the chair’s skeleton. Users will be able to reveal it and tuck it away as they please.


Razer believes that the chair will provide the immersive gaming experience most gamers yearn for without requiring a complete room setup or a VR helmet.

Apart from Project Brooklyn, the company also announced Project Hazel which is a facemask made of waterproof and scratch-resistant recycled plastic. The mask is transparent and is designed to make it possible for others to lip read and see facial cues. Moreover, the mask is embedded with microphones and amplifiers in the ventilators that will project the user’s voice to not make it sound muffled.

As good as the products may sound, they might not be launched commercially anytime soon. Razer has a habit of announcing concept products and then forgetting about them. Three years ago, the company unveiled a concept laptop with three displays and we did not hear about it again.

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