TikTok Rolls Out New Privacy Policy for Minors

TikTok, the popular video-sharing application, has been accused of ignoring the US’s federal children’s online privacy law and not protecting the privacy of children on the service for a while now.

After years of accusations and lawsuits, TikTok has finally decided to roll out a new privacy policy focused on users under the age of 18.

Starting today, the default privacy policy of the application will switch accounts of users younger than 18 years to private instead of public.

The Duet and Stitch will only be available on content created by users age 16 and over only. For users aged 16-17, the default setting for Duet and Stitch will now be set to Friends. Similarly, downloads will be allowed only on videos uploaded by users 16 and over. Individuals will only have an option to choose between friends or no one for their account. The “everyone” comment setting is being removed.

Other features that are only available to users ages 16 and above are:

  • Setting ‘Suggest your account to others’.
  • Direct messaging and hosting live streams.
  • Buying, sending and receiving virtual gifts (18 and above).

With this new privacy policy, TikTok believes,

Younger users will be able to make informed choices about what and with whom they choose to share, which includes whether they want to open their account to public views. By engaging them early in their privacy journey, we can enable them to make more deliberate decisions about their online privacy.

The privacy policy has already been rolled out globally. For those interested, here is the blog post published by the company on the matter.

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