Exclusive: Changan Alsvin Received 17,000 Pre-Bookings in Pakistan [Interview]

It has only been a little over a month since the launch of the highly anticipated Changan Alsvin in Pakistan and, as expected, it has been welcomed with an extremely overwhelming response.

Enthusiasts had been awaiting a larger variety of options in the local subcompact sedan segment and Changan seems to have capitalized on this need-based opportunity.


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ProPakistani reached out to Changan to determine the actual magnitude of the public’s response, and some interesting details were brought to light in a discussion with the Director Sales of Changan, Syed Shabbir-ud-Din.

Public’s Response

According to Shabbir-ud-Din, there has been an outpour of positive feedback and response for the Alsvin in just over a month since its debut. Changan has had over 29,000 walk-in customers come to 19 of its 3S dealerships all across Pakistan just to have a close look at the vehicle.

He added that the company has received over 17,000 pre-bookings for the Alsvin. All of the customers were also a part of a lucky draw.

He said that the 1,000 draw winners would be prioritized in terms of the booking and delivery of the vehicle, free maintenance for a year, and other value-added services.

Although he declined to disclose the total number of vehicles booked so far, Shabbir-ud-Din remarked that all of the Alsvin units available thus far had been booked and that no new bookings will be taken until July 2021.

He added that based on these facts, saying that the vehicle has received an overwhelming response would be an understatement.

Market Footprint

Talking about Changan’s countrywide presence, Shabbir-ud-Din stated that there are currently 19 operational 3S dealerships all across Pakistan, and that two more will become operational within the next few days, after which the company will have a foothold in all the provinces.

He revealed that it has already begun production of the CKD units of the Alsvin to match its supply to rising demand. He added that the first CKD of the vehicle had been rolled off the assembly line on 14 December 2020 and that Changan will begin selling the CKD version of the vehicle soon.

Shabbir-ud-Din commented that Changan has ensured that only one car is sold against a single CNIC, in a bid to discourage illegal premiums or on culture. He also shared that all the deliveries of cars against the initial bookings shall be made from March 2021.

When asked about the parts and maintenance of the Alsvin, Shabbir-ud-Din said that all the 21 3S dealerships across Pakistan will offer parts and maintenance services to its owners.

He added that the company had arranged for all the parts of the vehicle long before the start of official bookings, which is why the parts and maintenance network is now mature enough to cater to its maintenance.

Why Should Potential Buyers Choose the Alsvin Instead of Competitors?

Shabbir-ud-Din maintained that Changan Alsvin is a superior quality product that comes at a more affordable price than its competitors. He explained that its conveniences and safety features offer are much more configurable, sophisticated, and responsive as compared to the other cars in the same category.

He claimed that the Alsvin is for those who have been reminiscing the good old days when a compact sedan could be bought at a reasonable price. He remarked that although Rs. 2.5 million – which is the price of the Alsvin’s top variant – is no small amount, people continue to appreciate the quality, performance, features, and the overall value for money that it offers.

The Future of Changan

When asked about the prospect of further additions to Changan’s lineup in Pakistan, Shabbir-ud-Din confirmed that more products are indeed in the works. Although he did not talk about the type of cars and when they would be debuted, he did disclose that Changan is planning to add a few Electric Vehicles (EVs) to the local lineup.


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Shabbir-ud-Din talked about Changan being in active pursuit of the localization of parts, and that it is one of the companies that has invested a significant amount of money and resources in Pakistan, which is why it has prioritized the establishment of a complete value chain in Pakistan in order to ensure maximum stability of the business.

He also discussed how the Master Motors Group is already fairly active in terms of the in-house manufacturing of various non-mechanical components of vehicles. He further explained that with the manufacturing resources and expertise in the company’s arsenal, along with its technical support, Changan Master Motors on its way to ensure the localization of mechanical components in Pakistan as well.


While it seems that the hype for the Changan Alsvin has paid off in spades, it should be noted it is currently the best ‘value for money’ product available in the local subcompact sedan segment. However, its actual worth will be determined by the ownership experience of the buyers.

The Alsvin’s build quality, ride quality, reliability, and maintainability will largely be influencing people’s buying decisions, and if the international opinion is to be believed, it is currently one of the best compact sedans available in the market.

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