Govt Decision to Reopen Schools Challenged in Court

Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference’s (IPEMC) decision to reopen educational institutions across the country from 18 January has been challenged in the Lahore High Court (LHC).

The petition contends that the second wave of Coronavirus outbreak is proving deadlier than the first because the government did not take timely measures to avert the second wave.


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It argued that despite the deteriorating Coronavirus related situation, IPEMC, on 4 January, decided to reopen the institutes all over the country. IPEMC’s decision will put students and teachers at risk of contracting the viral disease.

The petition highlighted that the government also failed to ensure adherence to SOPs when educational institutes reopened after the first wave of Coronavirus, resulting in a sharp rise in the cases of the deadly infection.


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It requested the LHC to revoke IPEMC’s decision to reopen educational institutes from 18 January.

Note that educational institutes are reopening in phases. Classes of 9 to 12 grade will resume from next week. Meanwhile primary, middle, and universities will reopen on 1 February.

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