HEC Authorizes Local Professors to Review PhD Thesis

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has authorized professors at universities across the country to check Ph.D. thesis, with a few amendments to the standard practices.

As per reports, the HEC has discontinued the process of sending Ph.D. thesis abroad for critical checks as the archaic practice has been a burden on Pakistan’s educational backdrop.


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Under the HEC’s updated policy, tenure track professors are also obligated to oversee the process of Ph.D. thesis assessments.

Similar to the established faculty of professors in universities across the country, the assistant professors and associate professors will examine relevant Ph.D. thesis and will file reports with the HEC for confirmation.


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Pakistan’s Ph.D. theses were previously sent to university professors overseas for approval. On average, these professors were paid $300 each to draft a report on the recurring Ph.D. theses that they had received over the years.

With the HEC’s new policy, the same practice has been integrated into the local academic channel. Additionally, excessive costs have been marginalized, with the commission set to compensate local professors for the reports.

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