Punjab’s Education Minister Reveals Summer Vacation Plans for Schools

Punjab’s Minister for Education, Murad Raas, announced on Thursday that all the public and private schools across the province will have reduced summer vacations this year.

The minister remarked at a ceremony in Lahore that students have already suffered greatly due to the prolonged closure of schools owing to the pandemic.


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In a separate development, Minister Raas held a meeting with the Standing Committee on the Chamber of Commerce for Education. The Chamber President, Mian Misbah, Vice President, Nasir Hameed, and the Serving Schools President, Mian Raza, attended it along with other officials.

Raas addressed the attendees and stated that the stakeholders’ concerns for a uniform curriculum would be addressed. He also affirmed that the school owners would be consulted regarding the proposed law on private schools and that the LDA Act and the financial package will be given sympathetic consideration.


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The minister also ordered the formation of a committee of the officials of the Punjab Textbook Board and the Serving Schools.

The President Serving Schools, Mian Raza, expressed his satisfaction over meeting with the minister and said that the school owners are awaiting a financial package and relaxation in taxes.

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