Samsung Announces Another ISOCELL HM3 108MP Camera Sensor

Samsung announced its first 108 MP camera sensor in 2019. Even more than a year after its debut, the company keeps launching variants of the sensor. The most recent variant is the ISOCELL HM3 that recently made its debut with the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

The upgraded camera sensor features a couple of new specifications that add to the image clarity, dynamic range, and autofocus performance. Like its predecessor, it is a 1/1.33-inch sensor that uses 0.8μm pixels and performs 9-in-1 Nonacell pixel-binning to deliver images of 12MP size.

Apart from this, the company has introduced a new technology named Super PD Plus that improves the sensor’s autofocus stability. It ensures that the moving objects are always in focus even in low lights.

Super PD Plus adds AF-optimized micro-lenses over the phase-detection focusing agents, increasing measurement accuracy of the agents by 50-percent.


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The ISOCELL HM3 also comes with Smart ISO Pro which is a high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging technology that uses an intra-scene dual conversion gain (iDCG) solution. It is capable of capturing a frame in both high and low ISO. The images are then merged into a single image in 12-bit color depth with reduced noise.

Samsung claims that the new sensor improves light sensitivity by 50 percent in a low-light mode. Moreover, it has reduced energy uptake.

The sensor is already in the mass production phase and will be soon seen on other handsets.

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