Imran Khan to Meet Tesla’s Executives to Discuss Launching Electric Cars in Pakistan

A recent development has revealed that Prime Minister Imran Khan will meet with the executives at Tesla Motors to discuss investment opportunities in the Pakistani Electric Vehicle (EV) market.

The news came from the renowned tv anchor, journalist, and columnist, Sabir Shakir, via a video clip shared on Javed Afridi’s social media page.

Note: The discussion about this development begins at 17:40.


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In the video, Sabir Shakir states that Javed Afridi (one of Pakistan’s most influential businessmen and a key stakeholder in MG Pakistan) has already had a couple of meetings with the officials at Tesla Motors. He said that the world’s largest and most prolific EV maker has already expressed interest in investing in the Pakistani automotive market.

Pakistan’s new EV policy was introduced by the government late last year, wherein it had announced a number of benefits and incentives for both interested investors in the local EV sector and potential buyers.


MG Motors Gets Greenfield Status to Assemble Cars in Pakistan

Javed Afridi has been at the forefront of campaigning for EVs to be made the norm in Pakistan. Additionally, MG, of which Afridi is a key stakeholder, is also set to introduce the ZS EV in Pakistan, reportedly in the first quarter of 2021.

The video also showed Sabir Shakir highlight that the economy of the country is on a rapid upward trajectory and is likely to yield a number of positive outcomes, especially for the automotive sector.

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