Court Orders Sindh Govt to Promote Grade 17-18 Lecturers Within 20 Days

The Sindh High Court (SHC) has ordered the provincial government to promote Grades 17 and 18 lecturers within twenty days.

The Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association (SPLA) had filed a petition against the Government of Sindh for not granting scales and promotions to over 12,000 professors and lecturers, which was heard by the SHC Judge, Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar on Tuesday.


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The court warned the provincial government that if the order was not followed, action for contempt of court would be taken against the Chief Secretary and the Secretary of Colleges.

During the hearing, the Secretary of Colleges informed the court that the provincial government is in the process of formulating a policy for the promotion and time scales of the concerned lecturers.

“Give us fifteen days to complete the paperwork for lecturers of Grades 17 and 18,” he said.


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However, Justice Amjad Ali Sahito stated that the lecturers are demanding promotions despite the unsatisfactory quality of education being imparted.

“Pick any college from the province and look at the results of the students,” he remarked.

The Secretary of Colleges added that while the provincial government is ready to promote the lecturers, it requires them to perform their duties honestly and responsibly.

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