Electric Vehicle Policy Still Hasn’t Been Signed Into Law Causing Problems for Importers

Despite approving the country’s first-ever EV policy last month, the federal government has not yet signed the policy into law.

Hundreds of imported electric vehicles are currently stuck at ports due to the unnecessary delay in the issuance of EV ordinance, leaving importers who were looking to avail tax exemptions under the policy in a quandary.


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An importer revealed that his company had imported 35 EVs soon after the approval of the EV policy. However, he is awaiting the promulgation of the EV ordinance to avail tax exemptions on Completely Knocked Down (CKD) and Completely Built Units (CBUs) under the said policy.

On the other hand, a senior Customs official, on the condition of anonymity, disclosed that the draft of the EV ordinance had been resubmitted to the Ministry of Industries (MoI) for a final review. The EV ordinance draft will be forwarded to President House as soon as the MoI concludes the review.


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The country’s first-ever EV policy offers a wide range of incentives to EV importers which is why they have already imported a large number of EVs despite a dearth of charging stations and other facilities for such vehicles.

Besides, the EV policy also envisages a significant reduction in air pollution by switching 25% of vehicles to electric cars in the next five years.

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