Samsung Galaxy S21 Teardown Reveals a Hard to Replace Battery [Video]

Only a few days after the Galaxy S21’s release, the first of many teardown videos have appeared showing how the phone’s internals are not too different from the Galaxy S20. The teardown video shows that the S21 should not be too hard to repair either.

Before getting inside the phone, the rear panel has to come off, which is entirely made out of plastic without even a hint of glass. Here is how the device looks from the inside.

The teardown unit is equipped with two mmWave 5G antennas which can be seen on the left and right sides of the device (other versions only support sub-6). Last year, the mmWave-enabled version of the Galaxy S20 was limited to Verizon, but it is no longer an exclusive feature. The antennas are not huge, but it is still more than what a 4G phone would require.

One of the positive changes that Samsung has made this time is that the display ribbon cables are completely removable. This makes it easier to replace the display compared to other devices.

However, the same cannot be said for the battery or the selfie camera. Both of them are glued to the phone and the battery does not have pull tabs either, making the removal more complicated than before. This is a relatively recent change that started from the Galaxy Z Flip.

You can watch the full teardown video below for more details.

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