New Cold Wave to Drop Karachi’s Temperature to 4 °C

A new weather system from Balochistan will enter Sindh via Karachi on Saturday night, and will spread a new wave of cold across parts of Sindh.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), the new westerly wave will bring blustery Siberian winds with speeds of 22 to 30 kilometers per hour, reducing the metropolis’ temperature to single digits.


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“A fresh cold wave will start in the city from Sunday and will continue for at least three days,” the weather report said, adding that it is expected to reduce the temperature to 4 °C or 5 °C.

Earlier, the Met Office had forecast the new cold wave to have hit the city on Wednesday, but it now reports that the cold wave will grip Karachi on Saturday night, bringing chilly winds to follow with it.


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The cold wind that had continued for two weeks prior to this had brought the mercury down to a record low. Consequently, the port city had experienced its coldest night in 10 years when the mercury dropped to 5.6 °C on new year’s night.

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