Google Chrome Will Now Tell You If Your Password Gets Stolen

Google has updated the desktop version of Chrome with version 88 that brings notable new features to the browser.

The latest version of Google Chrome will now be able to check if any of your passwords have been compromised and will provide alerts accordingly, similar to most dedicated password managers. If a password has been compromised, the browser will alert you and also suggest more secure passwords.

Keep in mind that this will only work for your passwords and accounts that are saved on the browser.

Version 88 also adds tab search which was previously limited to older versions of the browser on Chrome OS. This feature should come in handy for those who always have a plethora of tabs open in their browser and cannot find what they’re looking for. The feature lets you search for any of the open tabs, but it has to be manually activated from the settings in order to be used.

Another update rolling out with Chrome 88 is a small visual update to Dark Mode. Chrome will now turn the scroll bars dark in the browser’s settings menu if you have dark mode enabled in Windows. Unfortunately, this is limited to the browser’s settings menu only and web pages, even those that support dark mode, will still have the old scroll bar.

The new update is rolling out worldwide at the time of writing and should become available to everyone soon.

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