Microsoft Patents a Laptop That Can Automatically Adjust Its Screen

American tech giant Microsoft is working on a unique new laptop display that will be able to adjust its viewing angles according to the user’s gaze. This feature was spotted on a Microsoft design patent that was filed earlier this month and reported by PatentlyApple this week.

The patent describes a mechanism that can automatically adjust the display to correct itself according to the user’s positioning on the laptop. According to the official notes from Microsoft’s patent, the feature will be completely automatic, meaning that no user input will be required to change the orientation of the display.

This feature will also be able to measure the distance between the display and the user’s eyes and make the required adjustments to the screen based on the mapped data.

This mechanism could turn out to be one of the most unique display features given that the on-screen content will automatically be able to adjust and shift orientations as necessary. The applications for this feature in daily multimedia consumption are vast, especially in different settings and situations like traveling or being helpful for differently-abled people.

It is unclear whether Microsoft is actually working on such a laptop, or is only working towards the base of a new display technology meant for different devices. Since this is only a patent, we would recommend taking this information with a grain of salt.

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