Honor Teams Up with Intel, AMD, MediaTek, Qualcomm and Several Other Major Tech Companies

Honor recently released the V40 5G, its first phone after becoming an independent company separate from Huawei. Subsequently, the Chinese company has also signed plenty of new partnerships for its future products with major companies including Qualcomm, MediaTek, Intel, AMD, and many others.

According to a report from Reuters, other major companies on the list include Micron, Microsoft, Samsung, SK Hynix, and Sony. All of these partnerships will be used to facilitate a variety of future projects.

Company CEO George Zhao commented on Honor’s performance saying that the last five months have been “an extremely difficult but meaningful time for Honor” Honor plans to gradually shake off the Huawei aftertaste over time and going forward, the company is also expected to enable Google Services for future phones.

Honor is also aiming to strengthen its presence in the mid-range and high-end Smartphone market and expand its reach overseas. Using Huawei’s technology and strategy already present in its DNA, the company also plans to keep plugging itself into the Internet of Things market.

Analysts predict that Honor plans to deliver the same quality of products as its former parent company eventually.

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