Rawalpindi Police’s CPO Connect Receives Overwhelming Response From Citizens

Rawalpindi Police’s UAN, known as CPO Connect, has received more than 80,000 positive reviews from citizens since its inception last month.

According to details, Rawalpindi Police has received 42,098 positive facilities and 42,053 positive behavior reviews so far.


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On the other hand, 112 negative facilities reviews and 217 negative behavior reviews have been recorded as well.

While speaking with media outlets, CPO Rawalpindi said that the positive feedback demonstrates that Rawalpindi citizens are showing confidence in the CPO Connect project.


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In December last year, CPO Rawalpindi had set up the UAN- 051 111-CPO-RWP- in order to facilitate the citizens.

The CPO Connect initiative acts as an exchange between citizens of Rawalpindi and all offices of Rawalpindi Police, including the Harassment Reporting Unit (HRU) and Citizen Feedback Unit (CFU).

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