Samsung Galaxy S21 Comes Without This Important Android Feature

Google introduced the “Seamless Updates” feature to Pixel phones back in 2016, which would allow phones to update a lot faster than before. It lets firmware updates install in a separate storage partition of the phone so that you can continue using your phone while it’s updating. Upon rebooting, the secondary partition becomes the main one, eliminating the time taken to install the update.

This also acts as a failsafe option in case the update breaks something or comes with bugs, in which case the phone can go back to the previous partition to revert everything.

Google is no longer requiring OEMs to support this feature since it is no longer a part of CDD (Compatibility Definition Document). The CDD acts as a guideline for Android OEMs where Google requires them to be compatible with new features.

It has been rumored for a while that Google pulled back this requirement due to pressure from different OEMs including Samsung, whose latest phone, the Galaxy S21 still does not support the framework for Seamless Updates.

This restricts Google from making the feature available on most Android devices out there. Without this feature, phones need to stay on the bootloader screen for several minutes while updating, which not only stops you from doing anything else but also makes the update process a lot longer and tedious as you can’t use your phone.

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