AMD is Reportedly Outsourcing CPU Production to Samsung

Samsung and AMD are already working together on new and improved Exynos chipsets for future Samsung phones but the partnership between the two companies is getting deeper.

According to a new report from South Korean media, AMD is looking to increase its CPU and APU production volumes by up to 50%, but its current chip supplier, TSMC, is unable to do so. Hence, the American chipmaker is rumored to outsource production to Samsung instead.

Samsung is currently working on developing its 3nm chips for mass production and AMD may be interested to grab a slice of that pie for its CPUs and APUs. For those unaware, APUs are just a different form of CPUs from AMD, except they have integrated graphics onboard. This can be confusing for some as most Intel CPUs come with integrated graphics on-board but without a name change.

Samsung recently announced that it is setting up a new $10 billion chip production plant in Texas dedicated to producing 3nm chips for American customers. If the report turns out to be true, a large chunk of this production may be for AMD chips. This may also make AMD one of the first companies to feature Samsung’s 3nm node.

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