BOE Patents a Special Display For Blind People

The tactile system for visually impaired individuals in the digital world is quite slender. Braille compatible devices are super expensive and can display a very limited type of content. Unfortunately, the system has not seen much development over the years.

However, that might change soon. Chinese display manufacturer BOE has patented a new braille solution that, unlike current solutions, does not display limited content and is not slow either. According to the patent (spotted by ITHome), the system will have a larger function area and will consist of two components. The main component will be the display which will be used with a smaller device that can be worn on the finger.

This smaller device (tactile device) will display the image to the user via haptic feedback that will feel like braille. Both the touch screen and the tactile device will feature a sensor that will transmit the information in form of haptic feedback, which will in return allows the user to “feel” what is being displayed. According to the patent, this system will make it possible for the visually impaired to not be limited to only interacting with texts but also shapes and images in general.

The best part is, this system can be built into any sort of touch display. It can even be incorporated into laptops and smartphones. If this system reaches the mass production phase, it will revolutionize how the visually impaired interact with digital devices.


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