Justice Faez Isa’s Mobile Phone Hacked

The Supreme Court Judge, Justice Qazi Faez Isa’s Mobile phone has reportedly been hacked.

The Former President of the Supreme Court Bar Association, Amanullah Kanrani, tweeted that the judge’s phone has been hacked, and requested the public to ignore the messages that they may receive from his number.


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Previously, Justice Isa’s wife, Sarina Isa, accused the government of tapping their family phones and using intelligence agencies for their surveillance. She presented these claims before the Supreme Court and urged the Apex Court to put an end to the alleged ‘harassment’ by the government.


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Contrary to media reports, there has been no word by the judge’s family on this development  Even Sarina Isa, who is known to be quite vocal against the government, is yet to make a public move in this regard.

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