Pak Suzuki Increases APV’s Price by Rs. 1.1 Million

Pakistani auto industry has been ruled by three main automakers for the past three decades. One of the three automakers is Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC).

For a long time, the automaker was known for offering cars that were cheaper than the competition and could fulfill the needs of the people on a tight budget, but now the company seems to have lost its plot. Mostly because the automaker keeps on introducing multiple price hikes while not introducing any new products or improving the current lineup.

The latest case in point is the price increase of the Suzuki APV. In the latest update, it has been revealed that PSMC has increased the price of the APV by a massive Rs. 1,115,000 bringing its latest price up from Rs. 3,460,000 to Rs. 4,575,000.


Pak Suzuki Announces its First Price Hike of 2021

The APV is sold in Pakistan as a CBU imported from Indonesia. Hence, it is one of the vehicles that become more expensive on arrival due to imported duties and taxes. The vehicle made its debut in Pakistan and foreign markets back in 2004, and there has not been any change in the vehicle ever since, apart from a few styling updates.

It bears mentioning here that at the price point, there are now better options available in the market that offer much more value compared to a 15-year-old minivan. For the same price or less, you can get a DFSK Glory 580 or a Honda BR-V, both of which can accommodate seven passengers and offer more features.

With that said, much like the rest of the expensive yet unexciting products in the market, the days of the Suzuki APV might be numbered in Pakistan.


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