Javed Afridi Teases 2021 MG 5 Sedan for Pakistan

All the new entrants in the automotive industry have garnered a lot of attention from the general public but none have kept the enthusiasts on their toes like Morris Garages (MG) Pakistan has, primarily because of the remarkable social media exploits of its key stakeholder Javed Afridi.

Afridi’s latest post on Facebook features images of the brand new MG 5 sedan and asks for the public’s opinion on the price of the car.


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The MG 5 is a D-segment family sedan that lies between the compact and subcompact sedan segments, which means it rivals both the Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Yaris.

While it undoubtedly is a handsome-looking sedan, the 2021 MG 5 seems to have borrowed numerous styling cues from European cars as it bears resemblance to the 2020 Fiat Tipo and the 2018 Ford Focus.

In the international market, the MG 5 can be acquired with a choice of one of two 1.5-liter SAIC four-cylinder engines. One is a naturally aspirated variant that makes 119 hp, while the other one is the turbocharged variant that makes 173 hp.


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The naturally aspirated engine can be mated to either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic, while the turbocharged variant can be mated to either the same manual or a 6-speed automatic gearbox. Besides these, MG has plans to develop an all-electric version of the sedan as well.

The car made its international debut in September 2020, a few days before the Beijing Auto Show 2020, and received a lot of praise from motoring journalists for its sleek design.

Although details about the price point at which the MG 5 is to be sold in the international market are scarce, given its look and the list of features that it is likely to offer, the vehicle may be priced close to the new Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic.

Afridi had teased the same car on his social media once before, but the images had been of an older version that is being sold in other countries as the ‘Roewe i5’. This begs the question of which version of the MG 5 will debut here, if at all.

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