15-Year Old PUBG Player Kidnapped And Killed in Lahore

The popular battle royale shooter PUBG has become the cause of yet another death. This time, a teen in Lahore has been killed for not joining his friends’ team in the game.


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According to details, 15 years old Hassan Abbas was known as a brilliant PUBG player in his area. Hassan blocked his three friends, named Atta Musawar, Naveed, and Mazhar, who used to constantly insist him to join their team.

The three-member team tried their best to force Hassan into joining their team but to no avail. In order to teach Hassan a lesson, the three boys killed him after kidnapping and sexually abusing him.


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An FIR was lodged by Hassan’s parents who named the three boys as suspects. Police have arrested all the suspects who have confessed to the crime as a further probe is underway.

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