Peshawar Police Recovers Famous TikToker Cat That Was Abducted

In a unique operation, the Peshawar Police recovered a famous TikToker Persian cat that was kidnapped ten days ago from the Sir Syed Chowk area of the city.

The Pandhu Police revealed that the abducted cat had later been sold to a resident of Faqeerabad for Rs. 15,000, while its original owner, Muhammad Haroon, claimed that it is worth hundreds of thousands of rupees.


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Muhammad Haroon, who also runs the cat’s TikTok account, had lodged a complaint with the police about it having gone missing ten days ago, and was overjoyed when the police recovered and returned it to him.

His cat enjoys popularity on TikTok owing to its unique appearance.

In other news, the police have identified a suspect who allegedly killed four TikTokers including a woman, in Karachi.

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