TikTok Videos & Trespassing Among Reasons Behind Train Accidents: Experts

Safety experts believe that the primary reason for train accidents across the globe is frequent trespassing by citizens, in addition to multiple other reasons including the TikTok Syndrome.

A seminar on the causes of global train accidents and the way forward was held at the Divisional Superintendent Office in Karachi in which the Deputy Chief Operating Superintendent (Safety), Tariq Aziz Kolachi, and his predecessor Muhammad Ali Chachar shared their experiences.


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Here are five main reasons for railway accidents in the order that were highlighted by the speakers:

  • Frequent trespassing
  • Negligent working and human error
  • Track maintenance issues
  • Defects in rolling stock
  • Defects in signal and interlocking system

Frequent trespassing is the most common reason which occurs for several reasons including deliberate trespassing due to slums near the railways’ track, the impetuosity of commuters, the crossing of stray animals, suicide attempts, and the reckless behavior of TikTok users.


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The speakers at the seminar apprised the attendees that the railway is the second most safe mode of traveling after air travel according to the evaluation of the European Railways Agency.

The major ways forward that were discussed included campaigning against hazardous trespassing, strict monitoring, and timely maintenance of the entire structure of the railways.

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