Alkaram Textile Mills Wins Big at The 10th Annual CSR Summit & Awards 2021

Alkaram Textile Mills won three awards at the ‘10th Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Summit & Awards 2021’, in the categories of Collaboration and Partnership, CSR Event, and Community Impact. The award ceremony was held at a local hotel in Karachi.

Alkaram Textile Mills has been regularly recognized for its continuous commitment to contributing to society. In this prestigious summit, the company won accolades around three of its major CSR initiatives which are completely in line with the company’s CSR objectives and thus embedded in the way it conducts business.

Fawad Anwar, Managing Director, Alkaram Textile Mills, while sharing his views on the achievement said,

It is an honor to be recognized for our efforts. This not only shows Alkaram’s commitment and dedication towards the development of our community but also motivates us further to continue our mission in line with our CSR objectives.” He added further, “All CSR initiatives are dedicated towards our focus areas such as women empowerment and community engagement and enhancement, and we have been tirelessly playing our role through various programs to reach out to a wider network and make a meaningful contribution in the society.

“Alkaram Textile Mills believes in the philosophy of benefiting our stakeholders and the communities in which we thrive by improving their quality of life. Therefore, CSR is embedded in our business model, where direct engagement and support to communities is extended across the value chain. We undertake several different means of giving back to the environment and to the community we are so deeply intertwined with,” said Sherbanoo Raza, Head of HR and Communications, Alkaram Textile Mills on the occasion.

This award underscores Alkaram’s commitment towards women empowerment and community development as an integral part of its Corporate Responsibility initiatives.

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