Islamabad Administration Imposes Heavy Fines on the Use of Plastic Bags

Usage of plastic bags in Islamabad can lead you into trouble as the federal government has decided to take strict action against those violating the order.

The capital administration had banned the use of polythene bags late in 2019, following which a crackdown was launched against the makers, retailers, and wholesalers of plastic shopping bags.

However, in a recent move, the government aims to come down hard at people who continue to evade its orders regarding the use of plastic bags. The Ministry of Climate Change has imposed a fine of Rs. 5000 on people using plastic bags starting next month. The shopkeepers serving goods in polythene bags will be fined Rs. 10,000.


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Anyone caught violating the order for the second time will be charged a Rs. 20,000 fine. A spokesperson of the ministry said that the move is an effort to control the resurgence of the use of hazardous plastic bags.

Ajmal Baloch, the president of All Pakistan Anjuman Tajran, identified a hurdle in compliance with the order.

The problem is that Islamabad has banned plastic bags, but Rawalpindi hasn’t. Sometimes plastic bags come to us from Rawalpindi.


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In August 2019, the Islamabad administration had banned the use of plastic bags under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Clean Green Pakistan campaign. Since then, it is illegal to manufacture, sell and distribute plastic bags in the city.

Ordinary plastic bags were replaced with biodegradable bags in most parts of the capital. However, over time, several complaints regarding the use of plastic bags had emerged from densely populated areas, such as G and I sectors.

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