Japan Develops Machine that Delivers COVID-19 Results in 80 Minutes

Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Japan has recently introduced a prototype machine that optimizes COVID-19 tests by delivering results in a little over 80 minutes.

According to reports, the new machine is potentially paving a new norm for future action plans to curb the spread of the coronavirus.


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Japan’s Minister for Health, Norihisa Tamura, attended the official unveiling ceremony of the machine and commended Kawasaki Heavy Industries for developing such high-end technology. Addressing the audience, the minister said,

The quality can be standardized if we make the testing automated. Also, it is a big task to reduce manpower (during the testing), but since it can be done in an almost fully automatic way, in this sense, we can test more and more people as long as we have the machine.


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On a separate note, the minister said that the government of Japan aims to approve a coronavirus vaccine as soon as the associated regulatory board gives the approval for it. He expects the commencement of the vaccine rollouts by the end of February.

Japan continues to be gripped by a third wave of coronavirus infections and the government has been announcing lockdowns in recurring hotspots throughout the country.

The new technology will be used to focus on prevalent infection clusters and virus tracing to detect and reduce the spread of the virus in a timely manner.

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