Nissan May be Interested in Working With Apple For Their EV

Following Hyundai Motor Group’s denial about developing the ‘Apple-Car,’ Japanese automaker Nissan has swooped in and expressed interest in partnering with the US-based tech-giant for the development of their first automotive project.

As per a report shared by The Wall Street Journal, the Japanese automaker is eager to break ground in the automotive arena in partnership with one of the biggest tech firms in the world.

Upon being asked about the Korean automaker’s withdrawal from the action Nissan’s CEO Makoto Uchida said that as technology continues to evolve and alter the landscape of the global automotive industry, there is a need for automakers to be initiative driven, proactive, and smart enough to engage in joint efforts with credible partners to adapt to the changing needs and dynamics.


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It bears mentioning here that Nissan did not particularly say that they are interested in working with Apple. However, Uchida’s response signals a possibility for partnership if the right opportunity comes along. This prediction is also backed by the fact that Nissan is currently quite active in terms of the development of EV’s.

The automaker currently has a significantly popular EV in its lineup, called the Nissan Leaf, and is also planning to develop an all-electric crossover, based on the company’s IMx KURO concept.

Apple is rumored to have been in discussions with multiple automakers for a long time now, but there has been no solid progress in that regard. However, with the company’s deadline for the development of the apple car fast approaching, there is likely to be a significant development at this particular front soon.

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