Qualcomm Unveils X65 and X62 5G Modems Supporting Up to 10 Gbps Download Speeds

Qualcomm has unveiled its fourth generation of 5G modems dubbed the Qualcomm X65 and Qualcomm X62. The X65 is the first 5G modem to offer wireless speeds of up to 10 Gbps and has been designed for flagship phones while the X62 is a more affordable 5G modem with toned down specifications.

Both chips are based on the 3GPP Release 16 process which has been termed as the ‘5G phase 2’ by the company. They also feature upgradable architecture, like the upgradable GPU, which allows software optimizations and future updates to enable new features.

Qualcomm unveils the world's first 10 Gbps 5G modem, the X65 (also the X62)

As far as download speeds are concerned, the Qualcomm X65 modem provides a peak download speed of 10 Gbps using an impressive 1,000 MHz bandwidth, i.e., 10 carrier aggregation. Meanwhile, the X62 tops out at 4.6 Gbps and 400 MHz. However, it still supports both sub-6 and mmWave.

Both modems have been designed to work with the new QTM545 mmWave antenna that can transmit at higher power as compared to previous designs. Moreover, it also supports all global mmWave frequencies, including the all-new n259 band (41 GHz).

Qualcomm unveils the world's first 10 Gbps 5G modem, the X65 (also the X62)

Furthermore, the new 5G chips also come with the world’s first AI antenna tuning technology that can detect the user’s hand grip to improve data speeds. Moreover, they are equipped with 5G PowerSave 2.0. This tech leverages Release 16 features such as the Connected-Mode Wake-Up Signal which allows the modem to sleep for longer, waking up only when necessary reducing the power usage by 10 percent.

Qualcomm has sent X65 and X62 samples to Smartphone OEMs. Phones with these modems will hit the market in Q2 and Q3 2021.

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