Motorola and Bullitt Team Up for A New Rugged Phone Lineup

Motorola will soon have a slew of rugged phones in its catalog now that it has signed a long-term partnership deal with rugged phone maker Bullitt Group. The Bullitt Group is a British phone maker that owns the Cat, Kodak and Land Rover Smartphone brands, and will be working with Motorola to produce rugged phones.

As part of the deal, the Bullitt Group will develop and market Moto branded rugged phones which will be drop-proof and shockproof as announced in a press release from the company. The company’s co-founder David Floyd said:

This is a unique strategic alliance, as it allows Bullitt to apply its expertise to the Motorola portfolio of products. Motorola invented the Mobile phone and remains one of the most iconic brands in the world. To be entrusted by Motorola to create a portfolio of Motorola branded rugged phones, bears testament to the exceptional business we have built at Bullitt over the last 11 years.


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The Bullitt Group entered the rugged smartphone market back in 2009 and currently works with Cat and Land Rover-licensed Smartphones in over 50 markets worldwide. It not only designs, but manufactures and distributes these smartphones as well.

On the other hand, Motorola has also had its own attempt at shatterproof phones such as the Moto X and Z series back in 2014-2017. More details on Motorola’s first rugged phone are expected to be announced later this year.

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