Female Students Banned from Sitting in Front Seat of Vans Over Harassment Fears

Mansehra district traffic police have decided to ban female students from sitting in the front seat of the vans. The decision was taken by the authorities following numerous complaints of harassment that were submitted by the parents on behalf of their children.

The police department told the media that, as per the parents, the students that would sit in the second seats of the vans were being harassed by the drivers. The media report suggests that the drivers use the fact that the front compartment of the van is usually partitioned, such that the rear passengers cannot see what happens in the front and vice-a-versa.


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The report adds that the parents have expressed their concerns for the safety of their children, especially because the windows of some of these vans are wrapped, which also makes it hard for the people to see on the inside.

Citing those reasons, the authorities have imposed a strict ban on females sitting in the front seat of a van, and the drivers that are found violating the new rule will be heavily fined and might be subjected to strict legal action from the authorities.

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