Huawei Planning to Take On PS5 and Xbox One With a Gaming Console and Laptop: Leak

Huawei has been rumored to enter the gaming market for a while now. But while we already heard of gaming laptops and PCs, this is the first time we are seeing reports on a gaming console.

As per a new leak from Weibo, Huawei is reportedly looking to release a gaming console similar to Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox.


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In addition to that, the tipster also revealed that Huawei will release its first gaming laptop this year, marking its entry into the gaming market.

Back in 2020, Honor released the Hunter V700 gaming laptop and it was technically under Huawei’s belt. However, now that the sub-brand has been sold off and has become independent, Huawei no longer has a gaming notebook in its catalog. There had been rumors of Huawei releasing a branded gaming notebook time and time again, but that did not happen.


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As for the Huawei gaming console, this is the first time we are hearing of it. Interestingly, the tipster compares the upcoming console to the PlayStation and Xbox, meaning that we are looking at a high-end console. It is possible that the console will be developed with gaming partners such as Tencent so it features popular games at release.

However, we recommend taking this information with a grain of salt as there is no official word from Huawei as of yet.

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