Pakistan Bans 7 Apps With Blasphemous Content

Google and Apple have synonymously banned seven applications in Pakistan that were developed by members of the Ahmadi community in the United States of America.

According to sources close to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), these apps have been banned because they repeatedly shared blasphemous content despite complaints from Muslim clerics across the country.


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As per reports, three of the controversial apps contain fabricated Arabic text allegedly found in the Holy Quran and commentary from the Ahmadi perspective.

While the apps are still available on app stores in other countries, the PTA is waiting for Google to remove the other four apps that include an FAQ on Ahmadi eschatology (unverified) and a weekly Urdu-language news magazine.


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The PTA had issued new rules in 2020 for the regulation of social media after backlash from renowned Muslim clerics over the propagation of illegal content. These rules now allow the authority to censor content that could either harm the government or threaten the sanctity of Islam in any way.

Via Buzzfeed

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